Membership Qualifications

  • He must be sponsored by an existing member.
  • He must be at least 55 years of age. The application may be submitted and approved prior to reaching age 55.
  • He must have a proven record in USGA, Professional, National, International or State golf tournaments.
  • He must have accumulated a total of 75 points for his performance at qualifying tournaments.
    30 of the 75 points must come from Categories 1 (USGA) or 2 (National/Professional/International).
  • He must be an amateur.
  • He must have a USGA index of three (3) or less.
  • He must be a Gentleman who respects the traditions and rules of golf.


The following files have additional details about becoming a member.

Point Calculator

The Society of Seniors has provided an online calculator to provide a point estimate based on a candidate's qualifications.

Qualification Point Calculator