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A Who’s Who of Senior Amateur Golf

Society:  an organization or club formed for a particular purpose or activity

A Community of
Competitive Golfers

Originally founded in 1983 by a trio of celebrated amateurs – Dale Morey, Ed Tutwiler and Ralph Bogart – who were looking for new ways to compete in their 50s, and beyond, the Society of Seniors was designed to be strictly a players’ group.  The focus was on pure golf and competition.  Over the years, the membership rolls of the Society of Seniors have included some of the most decorated amateurs in the game.  Members’ accomplishments speak for themselves.  Twenty different Society members have played in a total of 73 Masters tournaments.  In addition, 14 members have represented the United States in the Walker Cup matches, with seven serving as captain. 


Members enjoy the opportunity to compete against their peers in events conducted on some of the finest venues in the United States.  In addition to competitions, several benefits are available to the membership, including:

Competition and Camaraderie among the membership

Earn points toward Player of the Year, WAGR, Golfweek and standings

Callaway VIP Program

Networking opportunities with fellow Society members

Exposure to additional regional and national events

Membership Qualifications


He must be sponsored by an existing member.

He must be at least 55 years of age. 
The application may be submitted six months prior of reaching the age of 55.

He must have a proven record in USGA, Professional, National, International or State golf tournaments.

He must have accumulated a total of 75 points for his performance at qualifying tournaments.

30 of the 75 points must come from Categories 1 (USGA) or 2 (National/Professional/International).

He must be an amateur.

He must have a USGA index of three (3) 
or less.

He must be a Gentleman who respects the traditions and rules of golf.

If approved, the $300 application fee covers first years dues and is non-refundable.

Eligibility Points Calculator

See if you have enough points to become eligible for membership. This calculator is provided for your convenience and provides no guarantee of your acceptance as a member.

Calculation Notes:

All qualifying tournaments must be individual stroke or match play conducted over more than one round.

Better-Ball, Team, College and Junior tournaments, club championships or One day events/outings are not accepted.

Performance points will be awarded for finishes in Senior tournaments in ‘National/International’ and ‘State’ categories. Finishes outside of 20th place will get no points.

USGA Golf Championships

Amateur, Mid-Amateur, Senior Amateur, Senior Open, 
US Open, etc.

50 points
25 points
15 points
30 points
20 points
10 points
30 points

Do not count this if you were a winner of the event

20 points

Do not count this if you were a winner of the event

10 points

National & International Tournaments

British Amateur, Mid-Amateur and Senior Amateur, Canadian Amateur, Mid-Amateur and Senior Amateur, SOS Events, Old Corkscrew, Gateway, Kingsway, Golfweek Senior events, Jones Cup, Moot Thomas, Florida Azalea, Coleman, Senior Cotton States, Low County Senior Invitational, Trans Miss, Lupton Invitational, Chanticleer National Senior Invitational, National Senior Hall of Fame, The Thomas Cup, Dave King Senior Invitational, North & South, Porter Cup, US Senior Challenge Individual only, Senior Azalea, Crump Cup, Sunnehanna, Harvey Penick, Dixie, Georgia Senior, Crane Cup, Pacific NW Senior, professional events, etc.

40 points
20 points
10 points
5 points
30 points

Do not count this if you were a winner of the event

15 points

Do not count this if you were a winner of the event

10 points

Do not count this if you were a winner of the event

10 points

State Tournaments

Events sponsored by Allied Golf Associations. (e.g. State Amateur, Mid-Amateur, Senior Amateur and PGA Sectional State Opens, etc.)

20 points
10 points
5 points
20 points

Do not count this if you were a winner of the event

10 points

Do not count this if you were a winner of the event

5 points
You have not exceeded the 75 point standard. You have not reached the minimum 30 points from categories 1 or 2 above. Normally, applicants must accumulate a total of 75 points to be considered for membership.

Membership Application

If you have met the qualifications established above, you can apply for Society of Seniors membership consideration by applying online.  Each applicant must be sponsored by an existing member.

Apply Online


How do I enter an event?

The Society of Seniors uses Golf Genius Tournament Management software to handle all event registrations.  If you are already a member, chances are you have a Golf Genius account with your local Allied Golf Association to register for your local events.  Once you are added to the Society of Seniors’ Golf Genius Master Roster, your log in credentials should be the same, provided you use the same email address for each organization.

Tip:  Your Society of Seniors log in credentials (to view your Member Portal) are separate from your Golf Genius credentials.

How does the Lottery system work?

If an event is sold out in the first week of entries being open, a lottery shall take place after the close of the initial window of entries opening (one week).  Exempt players must file an entry during the first week of entries being open to guarantee their spot in the field.  If a lottery is needed and the event is oversold, a wait list will also be established via the lottery system.  If the event is not sold out during the first week of entries being open, entries will then be accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis.

How can I earn exemptions for events?

Exempt players typically include the top 10 finishers in the Senior and Super Senior divisions, and the top 5 finishers in the Legend and Grand Master divisions from the prior year event, as well as the previous year Players of the Year from each division.

How can I play in the National Super Senior Championship?

The National Super Senior Championship was started by the Society of Seniors in 2020 for amateur competitors aged 65 and over.  The event attracts some of the strongest Super Seniors nationally and internationally.  The first four editions of the championship have been won by stalwarts Doug Hanzel, Paul Simson, and Chip Lutz (twice).  Exemptions are awarded to those who are 65+ based on finishes in various national and international competitions.  For more information, please reach out to our staff.

How can I play in an event as a non-member?

Society of Seniors events are generally for members only.  However, as field size permits, we do allow non-members to compete as an opportunity to earn points toward membership eligibility.  Non-members must be sponsored by an existing Society of Seniors member.

Members are also permitted to compete with a non-member in the annual Ed Tutwiler Four-Ball event.